Free ecolibrium Supplier Membership offer for Showman’s Show

ecolibrium is offering a year’s free Supplier Membership to Showman’s Show exhibitors and guests this autumn in recognition of current financial challenges and the wider need to continue to tackle environmental impacts. Your company can benefit from free use of the ecolibrium travel logging tools and receive support to reduce your travel emissions.

Annual membership fees normally start at £50 and one year of fees will be waived for all Showman’s Show guests and suppliers when they sign up before the end of November 2020. Contact the ecolibrium team at and quote: ShowmanShowOct2020 

ecolibrium started life in 2015 as ‘Energy Revolution,’ a live events industry response to COP21 and research showing that travel typically causes 80% of a festival’s carbon emissions. Their 90+ members are a community of events, festivals, suppliers, artists and music companies who are taking action to reduce the environmental impacts of travel and balance unavoidable emissions through their two climate solutions programmes – Energy Revolution and Trees+ which provide options to invest in renewable energy and ecosystem protection and regeneration.

The Showman’s Show organisers Lance Show & Publications Ltd have been ecolibrium members since 2018 and have logged and balanced 7,434 kgCO2e – the equivalent of 24,813 average car miles taken by their production team – over the last two years. Their carbon-balancing donations have supported two projects that help schools across the UK generate clean renewable energy through financing solar panels installations on roofs – as well contributing to the school’s curriculum by providing energy literacy workshops for the pupils. 

Members of the ecolibrium supplier community are invited to record their travel using ecolibrium’s travel logging tools, to find ways to reduce emissions through sustainable travel action and have the option to balance all or some of their travel at the end of the season. Member benefits include: 

  • Demonstrate to audiences and stakeholders that your event is environmentally responsible and that you are addressing your most significant impact – travel. 
  • Engage your audience in a positive narrative and action on climate change. 
  • Feature in our PR campaigns alongside some of the industry’s pioneers. 
  • Be part of an industry-wide community that’s making real positive change by investing in climate change solutions. 

Find out more about how membership works and the benefits here.