Tackling Travel Emissions from Joss Stone’s Total World Tour

Grammy-award winning Joss Stone has become the first artist to balance the travel emissions from an international tour with ecolibrium. Joss’s Total World Tour, of every country in the world, started in 2014 and finished in 2019 and ecolibrium worked with Joss to try to reduce touring emissions where possible – this included reducing touring party numbers, taking more direct flights and travel by coach where possible. 

Unavoidable emissions were balanced with donations towards wind power generation and reforestation in the state of Tamil Nadu, India for the first half of her tour and the second half was balanced through the Trees+ programme – planting nearly 2,000 trees in the UK and protecting 125 acres of threatened rainforest in Laos.  

“We are doing something positive with our music so it’s right that we must do something positive from our travel footprint.“ Joss Stone 

Download our ‘ecolibrium for Artists’ pack to share with artists in your network who are interested in tackling emissions from tour travel HERE.