Energy Revolution - Ecolibrium

Energy Revolution invests in community led projects that generate clean renewable energy, benefitting the community they exist within. This was ecolibrium’s first climate solutions programme, launched in 2015, and as of 2021, with the support of our 100+ members we have supported 10 brilliant projects. Through Energy Revolution the price per tonne of CO2 is £50.

We support all of our members with resources to approach travel more sustainably, and with tools to measure their emissions. We then help set up systems to collect carbon-balancing donations from audiences to address their unavoidable event-related travel emissions. 100% of these balancing donations go to projects that generate clean renewable energy.

We believe that supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy is vital, but our aims are more ambitious; festivals and events have the potential to inspire and educate hundreds of thousands of people each year, to promote sustainable travel options and to show leadership by taking action. As a community of events and suppliers, and as an industry as a whole, we can help this change happen.

Ways to get involved with the Energy Revolution programme:


  • Offer mandatory or voluntary travel balancing for audiences at point of ticket sale
  • Include a travel balancing donation as part of car and campervan passes
  • Integrate the Travel Carbon Calculator to your website
  • Donations via your cashless system
  • Balance staff or company travel
  • Onsite contactless donation stations
  • Reach out to artists and suppliers to calculate and balance travel

Suppliers & companies

  • Balance staff or company travel
  • Staff travel initiatives
  • Fleet travel balancing
  • Work with your events or clients to offer travel carbon balancing as part of your services.

Ticket Agencies

  • Integrate our Travel Carbon Calculator into your ticketing platform
  • Offer the Travel Carbon Calculator as a benefit to your clients and their audience

Our Renewable Energy Project Partners

We work with projects that generate clean renewable energy and deliver social benefits. See a full list of our partners here.