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ecolibrium supports events, festivals, suppliers, artists, music companies and individuals to reduce travel impacts and invest in climate solutions. We aim to help TIP the balance toward a future with clean air, and stable healthy and diverse ecosystems. Our approach is simple:

Take action – ecolibrium provides knowledge, tools and confidence
Inspire others – share positive stories and use your voice for change
Positive Investment – invest in climate solutions for unavoidable emissions


Energy Revolution

Invest in community led clean renewable energy generation projects to carbon balance audience, tour, production and haulage travel.

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Trees +

Invest in forest protection, ecosystem regeneration and support for communities at the brunt of climate changes to carbon balance emissions.

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Knowledge and Tools

ecolibrium has a range of resources and tools that support members to reduce the environmental impacts of travel, travelling more efficiently and finding more sustainable ways to get there:

Green Travel & Transport Guide 2023: Events and Festivals
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Sustainable Travel Guide for Artists and the Music Industry
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You. Smart. Thing. Festival & Events Visitor Travel Assistant
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Sustainable Travel Guide for Artists and the Music Industry
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How ecolibrium works for Festivals and Events – information pack
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How ecolibrium works for Suppliers and Companies – information pack
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How ecolibrium works for Artists – information pack
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We provide members with tools to calculate their travel impacts, access to case studies and industry briefings and we support them to set up carbon balancing for their audience or business. We provide marketing support including content, logos, project case studies and carbon balancing certificates, for members to communicate their ecolibrium journey to their audiences and clients.*

Travel Carbon Calculator

Anyone can use the calculator to analyse and balance the emissions from a single journey or multiple journeys. You can choose the type of climate investment you make as part of the process. If you are an artist, event or organisation, get in touch to become a member and use our tools specifically designed for you to tackle your travel impacts in the longer term.

Travel Carbon Calculator App

The ecolibrium app, designed and developed by Digitwell Solutions, enables you to calculate and analyse emissions from different travel journeys, record journeys and carbon balance those journeys through ecolibrium’s climate solution programmes. The app highlights how to reduce your travel carbon footprint, as well as how to carbon balance other activities in your life, with investments that result in positive environmental actions to tackle the effects of climate change.

Find the app in the Apple Store here, download it by searching for ‘ecolibrium’ in your phone’s app store or download from Google Play here and start tackling your travel carbon footprint.

*The Festival Energy Revolution trading as ecolibrium shares best practise in the events industry on issues to do with sustainability, we do not provide a consultancy or advisory service.

You. Smart. Thing. Festival & Events Visitor Travel Assistant

‘You. Smart. Thing.’ (YST) works with independent festivals, festival owning groups and sustainability experts to ensure the environmental impact of audience travel is effectively monitored and minimised.

Organisers can deploy a single location or multi-location travel assistant map (multi-location example below) on webpages or in mobile apps. The platform can also be configured to automatically generate personalised low-carbon travel plans for suppliers and ticket holders. Personal travel plans and tailored routes to cycle hubs, charge points, easily integrated shuttle bus options or a lift share to drop-off and pick-up points, nudge people towards sustainable travel, maximise visitor experience and create an additional opportunity to engage audiences. Event organisers capture and own all visitor travel data including intended routes, modes of transport, and carbon footprint.

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