How ecolibrium works for Artists – information pack

ecolibrium is a live events industry response to the climate crisis: a community of events, festivals, suppliers, artists and music companies taking action to reduce travel impacts and invest in climate solutions.

The charity was founded in 2015 by organisations in the industry after the COP21 talks in Paris, and research showing that up to 80% of an average live events’ carbon footprint could come from travel. Since then our members have balanced the equivalent of over 19 million travel miles through our climate solutions programmes.

ecolibrium’s provides artists, labels, event suppliers and music companies with resources to take action on travel impacts; reducing carbon emissions and investing in forest protection, ecosystem regeneration and support for communities on the frontline of climate change. Find out how we can help artists to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of their tour travel and balance unavoidable emissions through climate solutions.

Download the information pack HERE.