ecolibrium’s partner The Rainforest Trust protects over 38 million acres

The Rainforest Trust has announced that due to the success of recent donations, including those from ecolibrium’s members, they have now protected over 38 million acres of threatened habitat since they were founded in 1988. ecolibrium’s members have been supporting The Rainforest Trust since 2020 and in this time have helped them to protect over 12,500 acres!

Each year ecolibrium works with three partners to channel carbon balancing donations into direct climate action through tree planting, ecosystem restoration and conservation and the protection of threatened rainforest through our Trees+ programme. The Rainforest Trust has been our partner since Trees+ programme was created, their amazing work helps protect areas of threatened rainforest around the world, with ecolibrium members’ donations going towards their Rainforest Climate Action Fund, which supports projects that store and sequester vast quantities of carbon to help in the fight against climate change.

Between 15th December 2021 and January 2022 aloneThe Rainforest Trust protected 811,482 acres of habitat. These achievements include:

🌳 In Belize, Rainforest Trust protected 29,941 acres of the Maya Forest Corridor. The wetlands here are the only home of the Critically Endangered Central American River Turtle.

🌳 In Myanmar, nearly 350,188 acres were protected, providing refuge to more than 100 endangered species, including the Critically Endangered White-bellied Heron, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Sunda Pangolin.

🌳 In Bangladesh, Rainforest Trust established a new 430,705-acre marine protected area that will safeguard several key species, including the Critically Endangered Ganges Shark, Largetooth Sawfish and Spoon-billed Sandpiper.

🌳 In Ecuador, 203 acres identified as Important Bird Area were protected. This area serves as a refuge for over 350 different bird species.

🌳 In Guatemala, Rainforest Trust protected nearly 445 acres of habitat for the Guatemala Spikethumb Frog, the Endangered Yucatán Black Howler Monkey and the Endangered Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey.

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