Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals are committed to lowering carbon emissions and have a target to reduce them at least 35% by 2030. In support of this strategy, they have recently had their Scope 1 & 2 emissions verified by the Carbon Trust against ISO14064-3.

 Their strategy includes operating an environmentally responsible transport and logistic fleet and they have invested £30 million into this goal over the last two years. Their current vehicle fleet comprises of 411 HGVs (92% already Euro 6 compliant) and 1,537 LCVs, (89% already Euro 6 compliant). 

They work hard to improve their logistics performance and offer co-located onsite facilities, to keep equipment and expertise as close to projects as possible, minimising trips to and from depots to replenish plant and equipment.

 Since the introduction of their green vehicle policy over 181 Sunbelt Rentals employees have switched to pure EV vehicles, and Sunbelt’s EV & Ultra Low Emission vehicle fleet continues to grow as they roll out EV charging points across their depot network.

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This case study is part of the Green Travel and Transport Guide for Festivals and Events 2023.