Tuned in Travel invest in the future

Tuned in Travel are an innovative and environmentally conscious events travel company offering safe, affordable, and greener travel to festivals and music events. Building on extensive experience in the travel and events industries, Tuned in Travel offer a number of different transport options that save audiences and organisers time, stress and money.

As a company, they are dedicated to reducing the carbon emissions generated by festivals. Travel is an essential component of any festival; however, it contributes significantly to the event’s overall carbon footprint. As a result, beyond providing low carbon travel options, Tuned in Travel carbon balance every passenger journey through ecolibrium’s climate solutions programmes.

Investment Spotlight: Tuned In Travel balanced 100% of the carbon emissions from festival-goer travel to and from Shambala Festival in 2022, equating to 76 coaches carrying 3047 people, 576,436 passenger miles and 29,227 vehicle miles!

When creating a passenger transport package. Tuned in Travel used transport operators who are local to the event’s location, and used bio-fuel, electric and euro6 compliant vehicles wherever possible. By offering a coach and private hire service and using locally sourced operators, events working in partnership with Tuned in Travel are able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint whilst offering their customers simple, stress free transport options.