Greenbelt Festival

Greenbelt measure audience travel emissions using ticketing postcode data from car travellers to calculate accurate CO2 emissions based on average cars and vans. Over 60% of car travellers choose to carbon balance their travel with ecolibrium. 

Greenbelt have a policy of inviting artists who have tour dates around the time of the festival to prevent artists flying directly for Greenbelt festival where possible.  They made their shuttle buses from the train station to the festival site free in 2022 to encourage people to use public transport; and they provide a carry truck service from public transport arrival points to the campsite. As a result, public transport users doubled in 2022 to 9% of the festival community. This, combined with a reduction of artist transport meant they reduced the overall travel CO2 by 6% in 2022.

This case study is part of the Green Travel and Transport Guide for Festivals and Events 2023.