Ourea Events

Ourea Events organise five mountain running events across the UK. They calculate employee, participant, contractor and volunteer travel mileage and record in their annual carbon audit. Recognising that travel is the biggest carbon generator for their company they work to reduce emissions where possible. For event participants they provide bus transport to races where possible and buses to return participants to their vehicles at the end of races. In 2022, they worked with online entries system provider SiEntries to build a carbon calculator into the entry system to support participants to offset their travel with ecolibrium; and they actively promote and incentivise lift sharing, use of public transport and greener modes of transport to all participants attending their events. To tackle staff travel they allow flexible working so employees can work from home and provide shower facilities to make cycling to work more viable. 

https://www.oureaevents.com/  https://www.sientries.co.uk.

This case study is part of the Green Travel and Transport Guide for Festivals and Events 2023.