Project Update: Rainforest Trust’s Climate Action Fund Protects Mexican Wolves and Jaguars

In 2022, donations to our Trees+ programme from our members went, in part, to the Rainforest Trust’s Climate Action Fund which supports projects around the world that store and sequester vast quantities of carbon to help in the fight against climate change.

In this update we share news from Mexico where they are working with a local partner to fortify a wildlife corridor of over 2 million acres to help safeguard the habitat of local wildlife, in particular the wolves and jaguars that roam across this land.

Large carnivores like Jaguar, Mexican Wolf and American Black Bear still roam an expansive area of dense forest in the mountains of western Mexico. This landscape encompasses a 2.5-million-acre watershed consisting of streams, tributaries, mountains, valleys and ravines that feed into major rivers. However, this region and its aquifers are in peril from logging, poaching, cattle ranching and large-scale mineral mining. 

Through their Climate Action Fund, The Rainforest Trust are working with local partner, Nature and Culture International, to establish the 2,138,854-acre Cuenca del Río Mayo Natural Resources Protected Area—an area three times the size of Yosemite National Park.

This new area will fortify a wildlife corridor of over 4.2 million protected acres in the Sierra Madre Occidental for wide-roaming carnivores, the Critically Endangered Mojave Desert Tortoise, Endangered Thick- billed Parrot and Endangered Lilac-crowned Amazon. Once safeguarded, this landscape will also support globally endangered migratory birds, pollinators and bats. 

ecolibrium’s Trees+ programme supports three projects each year who are committed to restoring and regenerating ecosystems, supporting communities who are already experiencing the worst effects of climate change, and protecting biodiversity. Since the launch of Trees+ in 2020, The Rainforest Trust has consistently been one of our three trusted partners with donations from our members helping them to protect nearly 17,000 acres of threatened rainforest.

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