Project Update: Low Carbon Hub announce that Ray Valley Solar is Live

In 2020, Carbon balancing donations from ecolibrium members to our Energy Revolution programme were invested with the Low Carbon Hub to help them grow their portfolio of community-owned renewable energy projects in and around Oxford. The donations were channelled specifically towards developing a 19 MW ground mount solar park at Ray Valley, to form a significant ‘anchor generation load’ for their ‘Project LEO’ (Local Energy Oxfordshire) and enabling them to run trials at scale and demonstrate the potential of local energy to decarbonise the energy system. 

In July, Low Carbon Hub announced that the Ray Valley Solar project is now live and connected to the National Grid, increasing Low Carbon Hub’s clean energy generation five-fold and generating 19.5 GWh of clean electricity every year, enough to power over 6,000 local homes.

Find out more about Low Carbon Hub and the Ray Valley Development HERE .