Presenting: ecolibrium’s 2022 Annual Report

In our latest annual report we reflect on ecolibrium’s journey in 2022 and share our highlights and developments. Read the introductory comments from ecolibrium’s CEO, Chris Johnson, and download the 2022 Annual Report.

“ecolibrium’s journey started in 2015 as an industry response to COP21, with big ideas and ambitious targets. We set out to engage the whole sector in reducing the environmental impacts of travel – the industry’s most significant impact.

As a community of over 150 festivals, suppliers, and industry organisations over these years, we have now collectively invested £471,014.05 in community-scale renewable energy, forest protection, tree planting, ecosystem regeneration, and communities most affected by climate change.

We have bounced back from the low activity of the pandemic, and the community is growing again, with 17 new members in 2022. Our industry profile is also growing, with more partnerships (for example, Music Declares Emergency, UK Festival Awards, Festival Insights), conferences, and media features. This year’s corporate partnership with Sunbelt Rentals, one of the largest infrastructure companies in the sector, and a leader in sustainable strategy, has been a great success, and a partnership for 2023 is already secured.

In January 2022, we took a step back to consider positioning and long-term strategy. The landscape for our work continues to be dynamic, and not without challenge in terms of imperfect international carbon offsetting standards, public perception of nature investments (particularly tree planting as a mechanism for offsetting), and a lack of robust measurement and reporting of emissions in the sector.

In response, we have pivoted away from ‘miles balanced’ and ‘net zero’ as leading concepts, toward an approach and language that focuses on positive investments that lead to environmental restoration. This represents the collective commitment to invest in our future as a live events community, and steps away from the complexity of ‘offsetting’. Our new vision and mission statement reflect this, and we also remain resolutely committed to supporting members to measure, report and reduce impacts with our tools and resources.

Our new 2030 strategy is focused on three impact goals:

  • Establish best practice – define and normalise best practice for low carbon travel and transport in the live events sector.
  • Build a community taking measurable action – build a community of members on a clear path to a 50% reduction in travel emissions by 2030.
  • Invest £1m+ in nature and climate projects – restoration and protection of ecosystems, positive social impact, renewable energy, and carbon mitigation.

From humble beginnings, ecolibrium is now firmly established in the live events sector, growing, and has vigour in its mission and vision.

I am very happy to present to you the 2022 Annual Report.

Chris Johnson, CEO ecolibrium, May 2023