The Ticketsellers – offering carbon balancing at ticketsale

In 2016, Ticketsellers worked with ecolibrium to embed our Travel Carbon Calculator into their ticket-buying process meaning that their event clients could offer travel carbon balancing to their audience in a simple and accurate way at point of ticketsale.

Since then they’ve helped their event clients’ audiences balance the CO2 from approximately 3.4 million average car miles through investment in clean renewable energy with ecolibrium’s Energy Revolution programme. 

Suppliers, audiences and artists can also balance their travel emissions directly through the ecolibrium travel carbon calculator HERE.

The Ticketsellers also share ecolibrium’s advice and resources for reducing travel carbon emissions from event travel such as our Guide to Sustainable Travel for Festival and Events – encouraging events to offer more sustainable ways of travelling wherever possible.

The Ticketsellers also address their own company travel; logging staff travel miles, reducing them wherever possible and balancing unavoidable emissions – since 2018 they’ve balanced nearly 15,000 company travel miles.

Visit the Ticketsellers website HERE.