The Festival of Thrift

In 2021, The Festival of Thrift, UK (capacity 50,000) recorded transport data for all staff, artists, suppliers and contractors to assess their travel carbon footprint and look for ways to reduce it. They provided a supervised bike park to encourage cycling, with onsite access to free bike repairs. They also cut emissions onsite by only using electric buggies for transport around the festival site. They introduced a ‘green rider’ for artists to support low carbon travel choices and encouraged staff, artists, contractors and attendees to balance emissions using ecolibrium’s travel carbon calculator. They also added a donation to car parking passes acknowledge emissions from car travel, in total balancing 120 tonnes CO2e, equivalent to over 400,000 audience travel miles through ecolibrium’s tree planting, rainforest protection and ecosystem restoration projects.

This case study is part of the Green Travel and Transport Guide for Festivals and Events 2023.