Thank you for investing in climate with ecolibrium - Ecolibrium

Thank you for making a climate investment to acknowledge your travel impacts. ecolibrium is a registered charity. We will channel 100% of your donation to our Energy Revolution programme to be invested directly into community-led projects that generate clean renewable energy, benefitting the community they exist within.

Our Energy Revolution partners projects are clean renewable energy initiatives across the UK that help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, benefit neighbourhoods and empower communities to take control of their energy consumption with financial gains. We prioritise community-scale projects which include community engagement, training opportunities for young people and clean energy education in local schools. See a full list of our partners.

Thank you to our partner ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ Their smart travel planner allows independent festivals, festival owning groups and sustainability experts to ensure the environmental impact of audience travel is monitored and minimised.

ecolibrium is a registered charity: with the trading name The Festival Energy Revolution ltd
Registered charity no.1171961. Registered office: Kambe House, 34 Portland Square, Bristol, BS2 8RG

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