The ecolibrium Green Travel & Transport Guide for Festivals and Events: 2023 - Ecolibrium

The NEW ecolibrium Green Travel & Transport Guide was launched May 18th 2023 with new best practice and research. This fourth edition of the guide provides updated context and new case studies, recent advice, tools, plus expert input on positively influencing audience behaviour and the future of travel in the UK.

This guide aims to provide a better understanding of travel and its impacts, and inspiration for changes that can be made to reduce these impacts and make travel work better for everyone. Huge thanks to Tuned in Travel for supporting this edition of the guide and to the lead author, Chris Johnson, Co-founder and CEO, ecolibrium. Thanks to contributors:

  • Amy Woodward, Sustainability and Innovation Specialist at PA Consulting– expert input on legislative context and future insights
  • Liz Warwick – expert input on festival and supplier travel
  • Bethan Riach – case studies, copy edit, proof and design
  • The Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST), for sharing research from the report ‘From carbon footprints to cultural influence: Engaging live music audiences on travel choices’ and authors; Adam Corner, Briony Latter and Chiara Badiali.