Liz Warwick

Liz is the owner of Lansdowne Warwick Sustainability Consultancy. She has specialised in providing environmental and energy advice since 2008 and is passionate about promoting climate change policy and reducing impacts. Liz provides advice to events, productions, business and property owners on developing and managing programmes, monitoring and evaluation, policy advice, risk management, compliance and regulations, research and analysis and stakeholder engagement. Reductions in energy and travel emissions are of particular interest and Liz has undertaken detailed research on festival travel emissions. Liz works with clients such as Cambridge Folk Festival, Fully Charged Live and Sony Pictures Entertainment to enhance environmental performance.

“I wanted to contribute my environmental knowledge and skills to be part of this cause that includes a lot of passionate environmental advocates. Promoting sustainable transport and reducing emissions is now a top priority in the world and Energy Revolution engages, educates and connects vehicle users with the opportunity to mitigate their impacts. The reach includes a wide variety of fields in the entertainment, event and venue sectors. The balancing of travel emissions by investing in low carbon projects is a valuable contribution.