Jamal Chalabi

Jamal Chalabi has nearly 30 years of touring and production experience at all levels and across every continent.  Through his role at Backlash Productions, Jamal has worked with high profile artists spanning multiple genres: from DJ Shadow to Tom Jones and more recently with Bring Me the Horizon, Massive Attack and James Bay, supporting tour teams to consider sustainability and take positive action to reduce emissions.

Jamal is also Sustainability Facilitator for the UK’s Tour Production Group (TPG) a role, which allows him to share the best practice, guidance and tools for working with artists to create sustainable tours that he has gathered over the years.

An industry advocate for sustainable practice, he also actions his green talk into green walk. This includes Massive Attack embarking on a project with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change to record tour emissions and build a model for low carbon future tours (2019); James Bay travelling by EV for 2000 miles of his tour, proving zero emission tour travel is a reality; and supporting Bring Me the Horizon to reduce their area tour emissions By 38% in 2022.

“After working on many tours and productions over the years and designing strategies to reduce their environmental impacts, it’s clear that emissions from travel are a huge factor that must be addressed if the industry is going to make the positive contribution to climate action that the future necessitates. If we can’t maintain a liveable climate on our planet there is no music industry; our systems have to change; it’s not if but when, and the Live Events and Music Industry has an opportunity to lead the way, engaging fans and networks along the way. ecolibrium has made great progress in supporting the industry in tackling its greatest impact and I’m pleased to bring my experience to growing this mission.”