Project update from The Rainforest Trust

Good news from one of our three Trees+ programme partners Rainforest Trust: Thanks to the work of their Conservation Fund, supported by donations to Trees+ in 2020, they have successfully expanded a protected area in Papua New Guinea, home to Huon Tree Kangaroos who are found exclusively in the now-protected forests of the Huon Peninsula. The reserve now protects 402,000 acres of rainforest, storing 42 million tonnes CO2e and helping prevent climate change.  Thanks to our members’ donations ecolibrium have helped to protect 11,286 acres in 2020.

There are actually thirteen different species of Tree Kangaroo, all living in the rainforests of the island of New Guinea and in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately, untouched forests Papua New Guinea’s Huon Peninsula are a high profile target for palm oil and timber companies, threatening the limited range of habitat the Tree-kangaroo needs to survive.

Rainforest Trust have been working with a local partner for years to expand protection for these forests, and earlier this year their efforts were successful – the YUS Conservation area now protects 402,000 acres of rainforest. This protection will benefit the Huon Tree Kangaroo and other endangered & endemic species. The forest also stores an incredible 42 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents, helping to safeguard our planet from further climate change.

This project is completely dependent on the local indigenous communities. With 50 remote villages in and around the protected area, the only way to create lasting protection was in accordance with the people who know these forests best. Indigenous landowners and community members will monitor and guard the reserve, safeguarding resident species in perpetuity.

Read more about this project: HERE

Photo credit: Barbara Ash for Shutterstock