ecolibrium’s Trees+ programme supports Temwa’s tree planting projects with the aim of combatting the effects of deforestation and climate change whilst also providing benefits to local communities.

Temwa was founded with a mission to develop self-sufficient communities in Northern Malawi by supporting projects in education, health, agriculture and forestry, and microfinance.

They have a community-led approach to development, making sure that everything they do is developed in partnership with the people they support in Malawi. They want to help communities achieve self-sufficiency, so projects aim to provide sustainable, long-term training to become independent.

Temwa’s specific carbon-balancing programme is based on three strands of work: tree planting; sustainable agriculture and agroforestry; and support for local governance. By working with community structures and improving household livelihoods they work to ensure that trees stay in the ground and protect a flourishing, green landscape. Achievements of this programme to date are:

  • Over 329,000 trees have been successfully out-planted since the start of the project, including almost 80,000 in 2018, resulting in 116 hectares of reforested land.
  • 17 Farmer Associations and forest-friendly community enterprises are now providing income for rural people.
  • Written forest bylaws, developed by communities to protect trees, have now been passed.

Temwa’s work supports some of the most vulnerable households in the region, such as those which are headed by a female or child, have HIV-positive members, or are hosting one or more orphans. The projects Temwa support train villagers in the importance of good nutrition and sustainable farming; plant trees to combat the effects of deforestation and climate change; run mobile HIV testing clinics and establish HIV support groups; and promote young children’s literacy skills and fund students through secondary school; provide microfinance loans to budding entrepreneurs.

“Temwa Carbon Balance has a very successful and much-appreciated partnership with ecolibrium, there are many benefits to the partnership. Having a partner like ecolbrium who is so engaged with the work that Temwa does is really special, ecolibrium truly understands the difference with our carbon balance scheme, it’s more than just tree planting. The carbon balance project works alongside all our agriculture forestry projects, which develops sustainable livelihoods and local stewardship of natural resources, with the aim of improving household food and income security – ultimately helping to reduce poverty in a forest-friendly way. Importantly Temwa strengthens local governance structures, ultimately making the communities stronger and more unified and the projects more successful. ecolibrium really understands the importance of this unique project approach, not everyone understands this. 

Temwa, like many organisations was severely impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic and was unable to grow our carbon balance projects as much as we wanted, ecolibrium has become a major investor in our carbon balance project. In total Temwa Carbon Balance has planted 51,075 trees since it was first launched in early 2020, with 33,007 of those planted in 2021. Out of these trees, 17,696 have been planted thanks to ecolibrium investment. Despite the severe health and economic disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic since last year, we are pleased to report that the potential carbon benefits of the trees planted are three times higher than the amount of CO2 we have committed to balancing. “

Find out more www.temwa.org and learn more about how donation in 2020 have supported the project in their 2020 report.