Ourea Events partner with ecolibrium to become a carbon neutral business in 2021

Celebrating ecolibrium member, Ourea Events, who operated as a carbon neutral business in 2021, measuring carbon emissions across their four UK based trail running events and offsetting emissions through ecolibrium’s trees+ climate solutions programme.  In this article we share the findings of their 2021 Sustainability report, the positive impact of the climate solutions project partners they have supported, our new partnership with 1% for the Planet and Ourea’s plans for involving their event audiences in measuring and balancing carbon emissions.

In 2021 Ourea Events undertook a comprehensive analysis of their carbon footprint; measuring everything across the full spectrum of events and office operations, including participant, supplier and crew travel, and developing a comprehensive carbon accounting framework. Much of this they have published in their 2021 Sustainability Report, which you can read here. https://www.oureaevents.com/sustainability/annual-reports

It’s an inspiring document charting the task of tracking emissions across their events and sharing the results. They found that participant travel represented 67% of their total CO2e emission, which is typical of UK greenfield events, and they committed to offsetting 100% of their total CO2e emissions on behalf of participants to make the company carbon neutral. We are delighted to be part of this journey with Ourea Events; channelling their donation to our trusted partners:

  • Supporting communities in Northern Malawi through Temwa with tree planting and reforestation projects, helping to alleviate poverty and hunger and rebuilding the ecosystem to provide resilience in the face of the increasing droughts and flooding that climate change has brought to the area.
  • Preserving threatened Rainforest with the Rainforest Trust’s Rainforest Climate Action Fund, which supports projects that store and sequester vast quantities of carbon to help in the fight against climate change.
  • Conservation projects in Guatemala and Indonesia, verified carbon offset and REDD+ forestry projects which are restoring areas under threat and preserving vital wildlife corridors, protecting biodiversity.

As part of their carbon offsetting strategy Ourea Events introduced ecolibrium to 1 % for the Planet, championing our application to become an Environmental Partner. Ourea are business members of 1% for the Planet, meaning that they have committed to donating the equivalent of 1% of gross sales Environmental Partners. You can find ecolibrium on the 1% for the Planet website here.

For 2023 races, Ourea Events are working with the online entries system, SIEntries to involve participants with the process of measuring and carbon balancing their travel emissions by embedding a travel carbon calculator as part of the entry purchasing process. It’s a great way of letting people know the impact of their emissions and that you as race organisers are committed to tackling what is often the greatest source of carbon emissions. So far 27% of race attendees have chosen to carbon balance their travel emissions.

“Looking back to when we launched our sustainability strategy 18 months ago, we have made some giant strides forward but there is still a huge amount of work to be done to reduce our impact. We will always continue to share our sustainability journey and do hope our actions will inspire our People and Partners to collaborate wherever possible, working together towards a more sustainable future.” Ourea Events

Find out more about Ourea Events sustainability strategy: https://www.oureaevents.com/news/2022/9/22/sustainability-blog

Image: Montane Dragon Back Race 2022 – Credit: No Limits Photography