NOQ Group

NOQ provide self-service ordering systems globally. After seeing this tech transition take place across the financial and retail industries the same shift is occurring in events and festivals.

Through their bespoke ordering system implementation, NOQ is tackling the hugely topical issues around queue management and food wastage whilst simultaneously enhancing customer experience.

Their products include mobile ordering, web based ordering and integrated EPOS systems with card readers. By providing a solution for every type of ordering, they aim to ensure that every customer is catered for and that the vendors’ and event and festival organisers’ experience is streamlined.

Having covered over 300 events and festivals since the summer of 2020 including recently, Fringe By The Sea Festival and a number of high-profile events such as the European Tour’s Scottish Open, they are confident that their solution is more than just a convenience.

By implementing NOQ’s technology, events and festivals can maximise their potential client base by reaching customers who would have otherwise been averse to queuing. In addition to this, NOQ has resulted in evident increases on the number of transactions and spend per head, all through reduced staff needs.

NOQ believe that sustainability is a critical part of being a responsible business and are therefore continuously working towards improving their systems. Their pre- order functionality combats food wastage; as vendors can mitigate the issues around excess supplies which are usually thrown away if unused. The app also allows caterers to prepare food on demand, meaning that excess food is not prepared and there is less wastage.

NOQ is working closely with NCASS, AIF, AFO, and NOEA to gain a deeper understanding of the festival industry and its needs and to act on these through the use of tech, to the best of our ability.