Big Green Coach

Big Green Coach (BG) is the largest supplier of coach travel to live music events in the UK. Born in 2009 on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of events, BGC started an innovative tree planting program for every coach transported to an event. This commitment evolved into protecting millions of square feet of Amazonian Rainforest for every customer transported.  

Big Green Coach has grown exponentially since 2009 and now work with more events, and transports more people to events, than any other coach company. BGC holds the record for most coach customers transported to almost every major festival in the UK. This hunger to increase the number of coach customers has undoubtedly contributed to a reduction in the number of cars being driven to events and benefited the environment.  In a Covid/post Covid world, coach travel now faces a new battle to regain confidence of festival goers to ensure they do not get back in their cars. This is such an important battle to win because of the significant reductions in audience travel carbon emissions that the coach service provides.