Anthropy 2022 – A Launchpad for Change

2nd – 4th November 2022

Anthropy, hosted at The Eden Project, Cornwall, is a unique and nonpartisan gathering of leaders from all sectors and corners of the U.K, providing a chance to re-assess as a nation what we value and what values we will embrace, to create new thinking to tackle long standing challenges to build a better, more harmonious future.

In convening Anthropy, we asked ourselves four key questions which will help formulate a new ‘Vision For Britain’:

  • People: What is the quality of life we want in Britain for the next thirty years?
  • Place: What qualities of place and planet do we need to achieve that quality of life?
  • Prosperity: What qualities do we wish to see in a good economy and in the best of businesses and public sector organisations?
  • Global Perspective: What qualities do we want to express to the world, to help solve shared issues such as poverty, climate change and human rights?

To register and for full details on the Anthropy programme and speakers visit: