New Year’s Resolutions: Our CEO goes car-free and pledges to balance 2021 travel with Trees+

ecolibrium Co-Founder CEO and trustee Chris Johnson has started 2021 by going car-free, pledging to record all his travel on the new ecolibrium Travel Log App, and balancing with the Trees+ programme. He comments “We sold the car in December, and will be adding an electric bike and trailer to the household this month. 

It’s easy now, with little travel taking place during restrictions, but it’ll be a stretch for the family at times I expect – but with catastrophic climate breakdown happening as we speak, we need to do everything we can to rapidly decarbonise.”

ecolibrium developed the travel log app with software developer MapYourEvent; the app makes our carbon calculator tools more accessible and convenient to use for individuals, small companies and teams who want to track and balance their own travel.  Once downloaded you can log your individual or team’s  journeys, keep a log of your mileage and emissions and submit your log to balance your emissions through our climate solutions programmes. At the end of this month, January 2021, we’re adding the options balance your carbon emissions directly through the app. Download it by searching for ‘ecolibrium’ in the App store or from GooglePlay

Read Chris’s blog to find out what else he and his family are doing to make 2021 count for climate here.