The HandleBards Balance 2020 Theatre Tour Travel

This summer 2020, touring theatre company, the Handlebards worked with ecolibrium to tackle the travel emissions from their tour of Romeo and Juliet – balancing the carbon emissions from over 4,600 travel miles with investment in clean renewable energy.

The HandleBards traditionally travel to all of their shows by bike, with their cast cycling around Britain carrying all their costumes, sets and props. This summer, despite restrictions caused by the pandemic, the Handlebards had a selection of outdoor bookings for Romeo and Juliet but due to the logistical challenges presented by Covid-19 they had to abandon the cycling aspect of their shows and travel by tour bus for the first time. 

Using the new ecolibrium app Tom Dixon, Artistic Director of The HandleBards, logged the miles and carbon emissions from every journey they made and at the end of the summer they donated to balance the emissions through our climate solution programme Energy Revolution. Brilliant work the HandleBards!

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