Massive Attack tour by train + share data to fight climate change

Massive Attack have committed to stepping up to the fight against climate change – changing the way they tour to reduce carbon emissions, sharing data to increase industry knowledge of a tours’ environmental impacts – and adding their voice and support to global movements; XR and Music Declares Emergency.

In 2019, Massive Attack announced that they intended to complete their upcoming European tour by train in a bid to reduce their carbon impacts and that they would donate four years of their tour to the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at Manchester University in order to produce a report that aims to map the carbon footprint of touring bands and musicians.

At ecolibrium one of our central missions is to encourage our member’s to engage with measuring their impacts – doing so adds to the industry’s overall understanding of the way travel contributes to carbon footprints and provides a baseline from which to set targets for reductions. Have a look at our Travel Carbon Calculator, download the App from Googleplay or search for ‘ecolibrium’ in the App store or contact us to use our offline travel logging tools.

Massive Attack’s announcement to work with the Tyndall Centre followed the band’s appearance at an Extinction Rebellion protest in April 2019. The band have signed up to the Music Declares Emergency campaign, led by Julie’s Bicycle which is pushing the music industry to step up its actions in fighting climate change. They also plan to deliver a ‘super low carbon’ music event at the Good Business Festival. The concert will see a “dramatic reduction” in the carbon impact of the band, their crew, transport, catering, merchandise and production, as well as in transporting the crowd to and from the concert.

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Photo credit: alterna2, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons